Our hospital is a full-service facility and offers a wide-range of veterinary services for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Click the categories below to learn more. 


Veterinary Services

Medical Services

We are fully equipped for the diagnosis and treatment of most common illnesses. Our diagnostic capabilities include:

  • In-house digital X-Ray (Radiograph) Unit.

  • In-house ultrasound imaging.

  • In-house laboratory to provide fast and reliable blood work and diagnostic testing results.

  • Intensive care unit to closely monitor sick pets and pets recovering from surgery.

  • Hospitalization and isolation facilities with separate entrance.


Special Services

From at home visits to cremations to an online pharmacy, we strive to customize our clinic for you and your pet's needs.



Preventative Care

The goal of any companion animal program is to screen for health problems before they become a major problem. We institute a health pet plan for each patient, including:

  • Regular examinations

  • Vaccinations for common diseases of cats, dogs, and ferrets

  • Heartworm testing and prevention

  • Fecal exam and parasite control

  • Flea control programs

  • Puppy and kitten behavior training

  • Surgical spaying and neutering

  • Regular blood tests to catch diseases early in their course. 


Surgical Services

In addition to routine spay and neuter procedures, the Little Apple Veterinary Hospital is equipped for many minor and major surgical procedures. All surgeries are monitored by a veterinary assistant, plus a pulse oximeter which measures heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood, and respirations. Up-to-date anesthetic agents allow quick recoveries and maximum safety.


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- Vaccinations
- Microchips
- Surgical procedures

- Dental Cleanings

- Exotic Pets
- Grooming
- Boarding



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